1×2 Soccer Tip

Everybody that is in the betting business knows what that means. But for all of our youngsters and greenhorns let us explain to you! This is the oldest and the most simple way to make a bet. It does not matter if it's England, France, Germany or Champions League every single match can be bet on.

1 x 2 means that we chose one match for you and gives you 1 option. Home win - 1 Draw X and 2 … of course for the team that plays on enemy's land! We are going to do the hard job for you and analyze which team has the better winning rate and which odd is the most popular and real. We offer odds like 1.80-2.10. Don´t forget that the option is only available in the 90 min. and not in the extra time.

It is very important to choose wisely because it's very tricky to know which odds are real. The bookies can arrange the odds very good and make the bets unpleasant for the bettors. So we have the experience to analyze that because in our team many people have worked for the biggest bookies on the market. This gives us the opportunities to be very successful and make some good predictions as you can see in our archives. So now is the moment to trust us and make the right bet at the right moment.