Asian Handicap Tip

The way to have a Soccer bet pick with an Asian handicap system comes from Asia and many bookmakers can give you the option in other sports too in different systems and betting ways.

The main idea is to have a different squad with a different score. You can choose very similar and still different AH odds and becomes some of your stakes even if your squad is not winning the game. It's all about making the right bet with the right amount of AH. One very good opportunity is the goal line with 0.5 or 1.0 goals AH that gives you great odds and still very secure to bet with. You can have 50 or 100% of your stake back even if your team is not winning the game. For all of the Asia bookmakers, it is a great option to lock some good clients and still be able to give us good odds and wins. You can make such AH bets with us in very different ways. Just contact our team at: